Monday, 6 April 2015

Day 37 to 52

salaam photo: BISMILLAH & SALAAM BISMILLAHandSalam.gif

Day 37
Day 37 photo P3155234_zpsx6v8bcst.jpg
Sumayyah on her bike.

Day 38
Day 38 photo P3165251_zpsxa8aymdx.jpg
We had a strawberry and chocolate cake today.

Day 39
Day 39 photo P3175259_zpsqu3x9ee0.jpg
My sister Maryam made this sign.

Day 40
Day 40 photo P3185260_zpsih4ieve4.jpg
We haven't been able to find organic bananas for a while,
until today!

Day 41
Day 41 photo P3195266_zpsizldt8uz.jpg
Going horse riding today! Here's my helmet and gloves.

Day 42
Day 42 photo P3205267_zpsxzbvug6i.jpg
Cata sometimes likes sitting on plastic bags!

Day 43
Day 43 photo P3215276_zpse2vebiku.jpg
This is what I got with my vouchers mashaAllah!

Day 44
Day 44 photo P3225299_zpsgwb4l8ci.jpg
I also bought this 3D bookmark with my vouchers yesterday.

Day 45
Forgot to take a photo!

Day 46
Day 46 photo P3245309_zpsez2qqw0y.jpg
My dad got this purse for Sumayyah last Eid.

Day 47
Day 47 photo P3255314_zpszk7vsxze.jpg
A tea towel that came from our canal trip in Wales last year.

Day 48
Day 48 photo P3265318_zpscpscufvj.jpg
Mum made this yummy cheesecake.

Day 49
Day 49 photo P3275328_zpscoldw5t2.jpg
Sumayyah was playing with her ponies.

Day 50
Day 50 photo P3285351_zpsucxtgqoj.jpg
MashaAllah new duvet covers for Sumayyah and me.

Day 51
Day 51 photo P3295355_zpsuiwlffgh.jpg
I love oranges!

Day 52
Day 52 photo P3305362_zpscf4n2bvv.jpg
This is an orange scented candle we gave our mum last Eid.

Hope you're enjoying the photos!

Love Zainab

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