Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day 249 to 262

Day 249
 photo PA157035.jpg
Cata grooming herself on Sumayyah's bed.

Day 250
 photo PA167043.jpg
Sumayyah's handmade card to our cousins.

Day 251
 photo PA177045.jpg
My new journal.

Day 252
 photo PA187049.jpg
Cata chased this stray cat up the neighbours tree.
She's very territorial.

Day 253
 photo PA207057.jpg
Yummy banana muffins.

Day 254
 photo PA217060.jpg
Nice hadeeth mashaAllah.

Day 255
 photo PA227061.jpg
Borrowed this from the library.

Day 256

 photo PA237064.jpg
Sumayyah made this poster for her Islamic class with Mum.

Day 257
 photo PA247065.jpg
Cata's eyes reflecting light mashaAllah.

Day 258 photo PA257068.jpg
This tail feather belonged to our Rooster.

Day 259
 photo PA267074.jpg
Dad bought me these cat cards. Lovely illustrations.

Day 260
 photo PA287075.jpg

Day 261
 photo PA297095.jpg
A cute little book and pencil made from a toothpick 
crafted by Mum for one of her dolls.

Day 262
 photo PA307112.jpg
A chubby caterpillar I found in the back garden.