Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Days 78 to 99

Assalaamu alaykum

Day 78
 photo P4265575.jpg
I found this dead chick outside our house.

Day 79
 photo P4275586.jpg
I enjoy watching My Kitchen Rules Australia on the telly.

Day 80
 photo P4285592.jpg
This is pretty tree on our street.
The flowers smell lovely.

Day 81
 photo P4295595.jpg
My mum made another cheesecake, this time with blueberries, oranges and

Day 82
 photo P5015596.jpg
We had blueberry muffins for breakfast today.

Day 83
 photo P5025602.jpg
Cata's attacking the leaves.

Day 84
 photo P5035609.jpg
We found this snail in a bag of mint leaves!
We named it Mint Tea.

Day 85
 photo P5045621.jpg
Mum made chocolate raspberry and strawberry tarts.

Day 86
 photo P5055627.jpg
This is a nice hadeeth we have on our wall.

Day 87
 photo P5065633.jpg
This is my big sister Hanifah's alarm clock.

Day 88
 photo P5075643.jpg
Maryam made yummy shortbread biscuits today.

Day 89
 photo P5085648.jpg
Sumayyah's new noodle.

Day 90
 photo P5095670.jpg
I was playing one of my favourite games today.
It's called N Game.

Day 91
 photo P5105674.jpg
Took a photo of the sunset on our balcony.

Day 92
 photo P5115677.jpg
Sumayyah was playing with her jigsaws today.

Day 93
 photo P5125679.jpg
Our key holder.

Day 94
 photo P5135697.jpg
New pot pouri for our Grandfather's hat.

Day 95
 photo P5145703.jpg
Mum's latest craft.

Day 96
 photo P5155706.jpg
Sumayyah chose these when she went shopping with our parents.
Day 97
 photo P5165717.jpg
Maryam's perfume collection.

Day 98
 photo P5175722.jpg
Sumayyah also chose Lilies when she went shopping a few days ago.
One Lily has opened.

Day 99
 photo P5185724.jpg
Cata's grumpy after her shower.

Love Zainab!