Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Assalaamu alaykum!!

So sorry we've not been posting, but since school has started
we've each been soooo busy. InshaAllah we'll try posting something
new very soon!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Our dollies boutique

Assalaamu alaykum!

The are back after the Eid break.

We want to show you a boutique we finished yesterday.
The base is an old jigsaw box, the windows are what our little sister's cardboard
dominoes were stuck to, the cash register is a printable we found online.
We named the shop after Zainab. So welcome to Zainab's Boutique!

  There are two customers, Poppy and Rose, already in the shop.
One is looking at shoes, the other at dresses.

 Here's Poppy trying on a pair of shoes.
The shop assistant Blossom, is helping her.

 Look how nice the shop layout looks from above mashaAllah.

The dresses and shoes were spare ones which came with the dolls.

The changing room is made out of a cardboard box which one of
the dolls came in. The mirror is a real mirror from an old purse.
The curtain is an origami paper we folded like you fold a paper fan.
Then at the top we punched a several holes to put a ribbon through it.
This ribbon was then stuck to the box.

Rose is now going to try on a dress.

 The bags are also printables we got from a miniture dollshouse

Poppy is buying herself the shoes!

Both Poppy and Rose have had fun shopping at Zainab's Boutique.


Monday, 29 August 2011


Assalaamu alaykum!!

The craftylil'muslimahs hope you all have a great Eid!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Maryam's Art Journal

This is Maryam!
I would like to show you a few pictures of my Art Journal.
This is the cover.

My first page shows you what makes me
happy, and that is Islam.

Here's my name.

I love purple!

I love my mum. Here are a few reasons why.

 Here is my favourite animal. The fastest animal on land!

I hope you liked my Art Journal.


Friday, 19 August 2011

A handmade hotel for little dolls

Hanifah here!
I'd like to show you our handmade hotel.
It is made out of two old shoeboxes stuck together.
We cut out a door and a window on one side. This is the door
and the hotel's sign.

This is the reception area. Our doll Lavender is signing in.
Her cousin Lily will join her soon.
The reception desk is made from an old wooden box.
The wallpaper is some nice origami paper you may recognise
from Maryam's bookmark post.
The door you can see is made from thin foam.

 The pencil she's holding is made from the end of
a toothpick I coloured.

After signing in Lavender and her cousin Lily are
unpacking and relaxing in their room.

The mini newspaper that Lily is reading can be
we managed to reduce the size before printing it out.

Here's a peep through the window.
The shelf is cardboard folded in half and stuck on
with sellotape.

Lavender, unpacking her stuff.
The suitcase is made from cardboard, I stuck it
together with a strong glue. The handle is also cardboard
again, stuck with glue.

Both girls are enjoying the room and having a nice chat.

 The side cabinets came from a wooden dolls house set.
The tiny flannel is actually a real flannel I cut up.

Here's the top and bottom of the hotel.
We hope to add more rooms at the back insha'Allah.
Please note, this is a 'girls only town' *hee hee*.
No males allowed!

Also, we don't usually buy dolls, but this time
we wanted to get small ones to fit inside our
town. Our mother managed to remove the eyes, to
make the image incomplete. We hope to make
abayas and scarves for them one day. 

Hope you like it! Soon we'll show you
a boutique we've almost completed. If you like this hotel,
you'll really like the shop insha'Allah.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Zainab's Art Journal

This is Zainab. I'd like to show you some pages of my Art Journal.

Here's the cover of my book.

 Here's a page full of horses. Horses are my favorite animal.
I like them because we can ride them, and the way they run is nice.

This next page is about my Grandmother (who I call Nani),
and one of the reasons why I love her.

This is a picture I did about me and my family going out together.
I like going out with my family because it's fun and because we can
see interesting things like this blue butterfly in this picture.

This page is about my dad. I call him Abee.
Abee is so much fun. He swings me round and round.

And lastly this is my favorite page.
It's all about flowers. When I was small
I used to pick wild flowers for my mum.

That's all. I hope you liked looking at my Art Journal.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to make a heart shaped felt bag

Maryam here! I want to show you how to make a heart shaped bag out of felt.
You will need:
Some red, yellow and white felt.
Red thread
Cardboard cut into a heart, a circle and flower.
Tailors chalk
(I forgot to put it in the pic)

 Trace around the heart shaped cardboard with
the tailors chalk onto the red felt. Do this twice,
then cut them out.

 Cut out the flower and circle like you did the heart,
 then glue the circle on to the flower, and glue the 
flower onto the heart. 

Stitch around the heart using whatever stitch you
know. I used a blanket stitch. You can watch the
 following video to learn how to do it.

Don't stitch all the
way to the top. Leave a little space.

Next, sew the ribbon to the inside of the bag. 
You can sew over a few of the stitches already
there to keep it looking neat. You can put something
in the circle to make it pretty. I put a heart, you
could also use beads or a nice button.

Enjoy your new bag!