Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 100 to 131

Assalaamu alaykum

Day 100
Day 100 photo P5195692.jpg
These are Maryam's cheetah slippers.

Day 101
Day 101 photo P5205709.jpg
My mum has made a Dorothy doll.

Day 102
Day 102 photo P5215710.jpg
Maryam made fried donuts today!

Day 103
Day 103 photo P5225713.jpg
These are very old fridge magnets that used to belong
on our Grandmother's fridge.

Day 104
Day 104 photo P5235720.jpg
I painted this picture using watercolour paints.

Day 105
Day 105 photo P5245723.jpg
Cata's made a little home under our tree.

Day 106
Missed a day!

Day 107
Day 106 photo P5265730.jpg
Watched The Merchant of Venice this evening.

Day 108
Day 107 photo P5275734.jpg
This is a dua book my mum gave me.

Day 109
Day 108 photo P5285738.jpg
Maryam painted this picture.

Day 110
Day 109 photo P5295754.jpg
We bought these today. We love fresh flowers.

Day 111
Day 110 photo P5305760.jpg
I copied this picture of a kangaroo from a book.

Day 112
Day 111 photo P5315763.jpg
Sumayyah's having a party at school today and is taking these to share
with her friends.

Day 113
Day 112 photo P6015780.jpg
This is a catapult sharpener I got from England last year.

Day 114
Day 113 photo P6025781.jpg
This is how Cata sharpens her claws!

Day 115
Day 114 photo P6035806.jpg
I copied this picture of a horse from a book.

Day 116
Day 115 photo P6045808.jpg
My sister Hanifah made this chocolate cake today.

Day 117
Day 116 photo P6055816.jpg
Beautiful pear.

Day 118
Oops, missed another one!

Day 119
Day 117 photo P6065823.jpg
Cata's new shampoo.

Day 120
Day 118 photo P6075839.jpg
I like playing this game, it's called Flight of the hamsters.

Day 121
Day 119 photo P6085845.jpg
Sumayyah painted this abstract picture at school.

Day 122
Missed it!

Day 123
Day 120 photo P6105852.jpg
This is a book we have that's really nice. We got it from our grandma,
our Dad's mum.

Day 124
Day 121 photo P6115867.jpg
The moon looks so nice tonight.

Day 125
Day 122 photo P6125874.jpg
My mum painted this picture using oil paints on canvas.

Day 126
DAy 123 photo P6135882.jpg
Watching Rio 2.

Day 127
 photo P6145885.jpg
Cata at night on the doorstep.

Day 128
 photo P6155889.jpg
My mum and I saw this beautiful cat on our walk early
this morning.

Day 129
 photo P6165894.jpg
Last day of studying!!!

Day 130
 photo P6175903.jpg
Cata nodding off in a carrier bag!

Day 131
 photo P6185908.jpg
The first day of

Love Zainab

Wednesday, 17 June 2015