Sunday, 4 September 2011

Our dollies boutique

Assalaamu alaykum!

The are back after the Eid break.

We want to show you a boutique we finished yesterday.
The base is an old jigsaw box, the windows are what our little sister's cardboard
dominoes were stuck to, the cash register is a printable we found online.
We named the shop after Zainab. So welcome to Zainab's Boutique!

  There are two customers, Poppy and Rose, already in the shop.
One is looking at shoes, the other at dresses.

 Here's Poppy trying on a pair of shoes.
The shop assistant Blossom, is helping her.

 Look how nice the shop layout looks from above mashaAllah.

The dresses and shoes were spare ones which came with the dolls.

The changing room is made out of a cardboard box which one of
the dolls came in. The mirror is a real mirror from an old purse.
The curtain is an origami paper we folded like you fold a paper fan.
Then at the top we punched a several holes to put a ribbon through it.
This ribbon was then stuck to the box.

Rose is now going to try on a dress.

 The bags are also printables we got from a miniture dollshouse

Poppy is buying herself the shoes!

Both Poppy and Rose have had fun shopping at Zainab's Boutique.