Saturday, 21 March 2015

Days 27 to 36

Day 27
 photo P3035064_zpspi9yqvdq.jpg
My mother made this when she was young.

Day 28

 photo P3045071_zpsknep4guj.jpg
This is my bike.

Day 29
 photo P3055087_zpsgzfma5mp.jpg
We went to a Para-dressage event.
It's where horses have to perform certain types of moves. This event was
for disabled horse riders. The lady in my picture was paralysed from
the waist down.

Day 30
 photo P3065151_zpsyyp5dqpu.jpg
My dad bought us many new books today, mostly by the author
Michael Morpurgo.

Day 31
 photo P3075155_zpstvkknrvq.jpg
My mum had her craft stall today.

Day 32
 photo P3095170_zpsjb6zjyxr.jpg
Today I came second place for my DinoSword project.
My prize was two book vouchers mashAllah.

Day 33
 photo P3105181_zpsyb2rduyf.jpg
I drew a picture of a girl watching horses.

Day 34
 photo P3115189_zps9oqufhhq.jpg
My grandfather used to wear this hat. Now we put pot pouri in it.

Day 35
 photo P3135215_zps7s7l0mk4.jpg
When we went to Wales we bought a little model of one
 of the canal boats.

Day 36
 photo P3145216_zpsfbkt5euf.jpg
Today we went to a Game Reserve and I saw a peacock.

With love

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