Friday, 24 April 2015

Day 72 to 77

Day 72
 photo P4205542_zpssdad9zp6.jpg
This is part of our living room.

Day 73
 photo P4215549_zpsfvpnleqb.jpg
A couple of fun cushions.

Day 74
 photo P4225555_zpsifkx5ere.jpg
A pretty paperweight. Maryam crocheted the doily.

Day 75
 photo P4235562_zpstmy0y3hj.jpg
I went horse riding today.

Day 76
 photo P4245564_zpsktackcxi.jpg
Sumayyah and I went swimming.

Day 77
 photo P4255574_zpsseuaah3m.jpg
This belonged to my grandfather and now it
belongs to my dad. 

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