Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 53 to 71

Day 53
 photo P3315363_zps4qzhkpgr.jpg
This is Sumayyah's rose hair clip.

Day 54
 photo P4015367_zpshkm66ziq.jpg
This is a handmade doll our mum made for

Day 55
 photo P4025387_zpsf5f81uft.jpg
We are watching The Croods today.

Day 56
 photo P4035407_zps7foigtsq.jpg
Sumayyah and I built this wooden fort.

Day 57
 photo P4045411_zpsxrlqtvj3.jpg
I took a photo of a lovely tree at the Craft Market.

Day 58
 photo P4055415_zpsjzegwgen.jpg
Cata knows she is not allowed in the kitchen but she always
crosses over the boundary line.

Day 59
Missed it!

Day 60
 photo P4075416_zps0u0wycnh.jpg
Today me and Sumayyah received handmade cards from a friend.

Day 61
 photo P4085420_zpsii6cfjpn.jpg
This is a Salah Chart my mum made to sell at her
stall mashAllah.

Day 62
 photo P4105427_zpsug70furb.jpg
These are our window stickers, but we stuck them
on our wall!   

Day 63
 photo P4115431_zpsmokfkwtn.jpg
This was my Grandfather's walking stick.

Day 64
 photo P4125433_zps7hewhncd.jpg
This flower is not real.

Day 65
 photo P4145475_zpsjiiv9xpn.jpg
Sumayyah drew this picture for me.

Day 66
 photo P4145481_zpsbujxnrcm.jpg
Our dad bought this antique book for us, it was
first published in 1931.

Day 67
 photo P4155488_zps6b1oqj7o.jpg
Sumayyah hid under our laundry basket!

Day 68
 photo P4165498_zpspxmd8noz.jpg
Maryam baked yummy chocolate fudge biscuits!

Day 69
 photo P4175518_zps1kuiazqn.jpg
Watched Sherlock Holmes today.

Day 70
Missed it again!

Day 71
 photo P4195523_zpswjfoafbn.jpg 
Me and Sumayyah are eating homemade pizza in the garden today.

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