Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bad News!

Assalaamu alaykum

camera animated photo: Animated Camera 73fc0af9-CS-j95.gif

The camera broke so I can't continue with my 365 project!!
Maybe one day I'll start a new one inshaAllah!


Day 263 to 278

Assalaamu alaykum!

Day 263
 photo PA317113.jpg
My Islamic homework.

Day 264
 photo PB017117.jpg
Cata and her love for plastic bags!

Day 265
 photo PB027120.jpg
A weird mushroom growing in our garden.

Day 266
 photo PB037122.jpg
My eldest sister made this hairstyle
for Sumayyah.

Day 267
 photo PB047131.jpg
I'm sure this is an earwig.

Day 268
 photo PB057142.jpg
 I'm into making these felt heads nowadays!

Day 269
 photo PB067214.jpg
Sumayyah's new rings from her friend Khadeejah.

Day 270
 photo PB077219.jpg
Mum's fridge magnets.

Day 271
 photo PB087223.jpg
Sumayyah's wooden catapult.

Day 272

A pretty stone I found along the beach in Portsmouth, UK.

Day 273
 photo PB117229.jpg
Quran reading.

Day 274
 photo PB127232.jpg
A handmade recycled tree for Sumayyah's school project.

Day 275
 photo PB137233.jpg
Sumayyah made this at her after school activity.

Day 276
 photo PB147235.jpg
Finished reading The Help.

Day 277
 photo PB167241.jpg
Cute painting in our bedroom.

Day 278
 photo PB177242.jpg
Hanging paper roses.

from Zainab