Thursday, 24 September 2015


Assalaamu alaikum!

Daily Paintworks - "Day 26 - Nine For A Party, 30 ..." by Ceci Lam:

The Crafty Lil' Muslimahs hope you all
have a wonderful Eid!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Our trip to Scotland 2015 (Part 1)

Assalaamu alaykum

Here are photos from our trip to Scotland this summer.
We spent a week there and mashaAllah, Scotland
is a very beautiful place to visit.

 photo P8186487.jpg
Zainab and Sumayyah by a beautiful lake.

 photo P8176381.jpg
This deer would visit our garden most days.

 photo P8176398.jpg
An adorable frog in our garden.

 photo P8176399.jpg

 photo P8176406.jpg

 photo P8176417.jpg

 photo P8176429.jpg

 photo P8176453.jpg

 photo P8176456.jpg

 photo P8176430.jpg

 photo P8176457.jpg

 photo P8176461.jpg

 photo P8176465.jpg

 photo P8186485.jpg

 photo P8186504.jpg

More to come inshaAllah...

Friday, 4 September 2015

Day 188 to 199


Day 188
 photo P8146320.jpg
A beautiful vintage car I sat in!

Day 189
 photo P8156349.jpg
We're holidaying in Scotland this week mashaAllah and
here's where we'll be staying!

Day 190
 photo P8166375.jpg
Look who visits the garden at Maghrib time,
this cute hedgehog!

Day 191
 photo P8176395.jpg
This adorable frog loved sitting on Sumayyah's arm!

Day 192
 photo P8186478.jpg
Scotland is very beautiful mashaAllah.

Day 193
 photo P8196596.jpg
Out on a family walk.
It is windy and raining but we love it!

Day 194
 photo P8206686.jpg
We explore these mysterious woods every day.
They are at the end of the garden.

Day 195
 photo P8216720.jpg
Today is our last day in Scotland and look who visited us today,
a mother deer and her fawn!

Day 196
3d crying sad face emoticon
Last day in the UK and I forgot to take a photo!

Day 197
 photo P8236791.jpg
Back home safe and sound alhamdulillah.

Day 198
 photo P8246793.jpg
Went and got Cata back from the Cattery today.
We missed her!!

Day 199
 photo P8256794.jpg
Pretend sponge cake Mum made using sponge and felt!

More to come inshaAllah...

cute blue bird waving smiley