Friday, 24 April 2015

How To Make A Toy Owl


How To Make A Toy Owl

Sumayyah made her very first toy mashaAllah. It wasn't hard, you
could make one too. Ask a grown up to help you.

What you'll need:

Felt material (at least 3 colours)
Two buttons

First of all, cut out two simple shapes for the front and back of the owl. We used dark blue felt. Then cut out two shapes for the wings. We used light blue felt. Look at the picture below to get an idea.

 photo P4175499_zpsjwp7plwn.jpg

Then sew the wings to the front of the owl. Sumayyah used a simple running stitch.

 photo P4175500_zpsevccz6ja.jpg

Once they are done, glue a small triangle for the beak in the middle
of the owl's face. We used a yellowy orange colour.

 photo P4175501_zpsnrcz7l2o.jpg

Now it's time to sew on the buttons for eyes. Make sure the buttons
are at the same level.

 photo P4175502_zps7e38aooh.jpg

Then you need to put the front and back pieces together and stitch the edges together. You could use the same running stitch if you like, or try a
blanket stitch like Sumayyah did below.

 photo P4175503_zps0q7l8fkm.jpg

Link to youtube video on how to blanket stitch

Leave a gap at the bottom of the owl so you can stuff it.

 photo P4175504_zpscqn0ki7s.jpg

You can also use the rubber end of a pencil to help you reach the
corners properly.

 photo P4175506_zpsoyi1hsji.jpg

Sew the gap and there you have it, you very own
felt toy owl!!

 photo P4175507_zpsjbdekr9s.jpg

We hope you try this project!
Tell us how it went inshaAllah, by leaving us a comment!


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