Friday, 24 April 2015

How To Make A Toy Owl


How To Make A Toy Owl

Sumayyah made her very first toy mashaAllah. It wasn't hard, you
could make one too. Ask a grown up to help you.

What you'll need:

Felt material (at least 3 colours)
Two buttons

First of all, cut out two simple shapes for the front and back of the owl. We used dark blue felt. Then cut out two shapes for the wings. We used light blue felt. Look at the picture below to get an idea.

 photo P4175499_zpsjwp7plwn.jpg

Then sew the wings to the front of the owl. Sumayyah used a simple running stitch.

 photo P4175500_zpsevccz6ja.jpg

Once they are done, glue a small triangle for the beak in the middle
of the owl's face. We used a yellowy orange colour.

 photo P4175501_zpsnrcz7l2o.jpg

Now it's time to sew on the buttons for eyes. Make sure the buttons
are at the same level.

 photo P4175502_zps7e38aooh.jpg

Then you need to put the front and back pieces together and stitch the edges together. You could use the same running stitch if you like, or try a
blanket stitch like Sumayyah did below.

 photo P4175503_zps0q7l8fkm.jpg

Link to youtube video on how to blanket stitch

Leave a gap at the bottom of the owl so you can stuff it.

 photo P4175504_zpscqn0ki7s.jpg

You can also use the rubber end of a pencil to help you reach the
corners properly.

 photo P4175506_zpsoyi1hsji.jpg

Sew the gap and there you have it, you very own
felt toy owl!!

 photo P4175507_zpsjbdekr9s.jpg

We hope you try this project!
Tell us how it went inshaAllah, by leaving us a comment!


Day 72 to 77

Day 72
 photo P4205542_zpssdad9zp6.jpg
This is part of our living room.

Day 73
 photo P4215549_zpsfvpnleqb.jpg
A couple of fun cushions.

Day 74
 photo P4225555_zpsifkx5ere.jpg
A pretty paperweight. Maryam crocheted the doily.

Day 75
 photo P4235562_zpstmy0y3hj.jpg
I went horse riding today.

Day 76
 photo P4245564_zpsktackcxi.jpg
Sumayyah and I went swimming.

Day 77
 photo P4255574_zpsseuaah3m.jpg
This belonged to my grandfather and now it
belongs to my dad. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 53 to 71

Day 53
 photo P3315363_zps4qzhkpgr.jpg
This is Sumayyah's rose hair clip.

Day 54
 photo P4015367_zpshkm66ziq.jpg
This is a handmade doll our mum made for

Day 55
 photo P4025387_zpsf5f81uft.jpg
We are watching The Croods today.

Day 56
 photo P4035407_zps7foigtsq.jpg
Sumayyah and I built this wooden fort.

Day 57
 photo P4045411_zpsxrlqtvj3.jpg
I took a photo of a lovely tree at the Craft Market.

Day 58
 photo P4055415_zpsjzegwgen.jpg
Cata knows she is not allowed in the kitchen but she always
crosses over the boundary line.

Day 59
Missed it!

Day 60
 photo P4075416_zps0u0wycnh.jpg
Today me and Sumayyah received handmade cards from a friend.

Day 61
 photo P4085420_zpsii6cfjpn.jpg
This is a Salah Chart my mum made to sell at her
stall mashAllah.

Day 62
 photo P4105427_zpsug70furb.jpg
These are our window stickers, but we stuck them
on our wall!   

Day 63
 photo P4115431_zpsmokfkwtn.jpg
This was my Grandfather's walking stick.

Day 64
 photo P4125433_zps7hewhncd.jpg
This flower is not real.

Day 65
 photo P4145475_zpsjiiv9xpn.jpg
Sumayyah drew this picture for me.

Day 66
 photo P4145481_zpsbujxnrcm.jpg
Our dad bought this antique book for us, it was
first published in 1931.

Day 67
 photo P4155488_zps6b1oqj7o.jpg
Sumayyah hid under our laundry basket!

Day 68
 photo P4165498_zpspxmd8noz.jpg
Maryam baked yummy chocolate fudge biscuits!

Day 69
 photo P4175518_zps1kuiazqn.jpg
Watched Sherlock Holmes today.

Day 70
Missed it again!

Day 71
 photo P4195523_zpswjfoafbn.jpg 
Me and Sumayyah are eating homemade pizza in the garden today.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Day 37 to 52

salaam photo: BISMILLAH & SALAAM BISMILLAHandSalam.gif

Day 37
Day 37 photo P3155234_zpsx6v8bcst.jpg
Sumayyah on her bike.

Day 38
Day 38 photo P3165251_zpsxa8aymdx.jpg
We had a strawberry and chocolate cake today.

Day 39
Day 39 photo P3175259_zpsqu3x9ee0.jpg
My sister Maryam made this sign.

Day 40
Day 40 photo P3185260_zpsih4ieve4.jpg
We haven't been able to find organic bananas for a while,
until today!

Day 41
Day 41 photo P3195266_zpsizldt8uz.jpg
Going horse riding today! Here's my helmet and gloves.

Day 42
Day 42 photo P3205267_zpsxzbvug6i.jpg
Cata sometimes likes sitting on plastic bags!

Day 43
Day 43 photo P3215276_zpse2vebiku.jpg
This is what I got with my vouchers mashaAllah!

Day 44
Day 44 photo P3225299_zpsgwb4l8ci.jpg
I also bought this 3D bookmark with my vouchers yesterday.

Day 45
Forgot to take a photo!

Day 46
Day 46 photo P3245309_zpsez2qqw0y.jpg
My dad got this purse for Sumayyah last Eid.

Day 47
Day 47 photo P3255314_zpszk7vsxze.jpg
A tea towel that came from our canal trip in Wales last year.

Day 48
Day 48 photo P3265318_zpscpscufvj.jpg
Mum made this yummy cheesecake.

Day 49
Day 49 photo P3275328_zpscoldw5t2.jpg
Sumayyah was playing with her ponies.

Day 50
Day 50 photo P3285351_zpsucxtgqoj.jpg
MashaAllah new duvet covers for Sumayyah and me.

Day 51
Day 51 photo P3295355_zpsuiwlffgh.jpg
I love oranges!

Day 52
Day 52 photo P3305362_zpscf4n2bvv.jpg
This is an orange scented candle we gave our mum last Eid.

Hope you're enjoying the photos!

Love Zainab