Monday, 18 March 2013

Art Club (part 4)

We had our last art class on Saturday. The group did 2
projects. The first was a painting with a sunset background
and silhouette foreground.
They used watery tempura paints for the sunset, thick
black paint for the foreground and black ink for
the branches which they made by blowing through a straw.
The giraffes and elephants were stamps. They had to make
sure they used alot of paint on the stamps so that
they came out well.
(Here's our mum's example below)
And here are the brilliant paintings the girls came up
with mashaAllah!

Painting the background


 Close up of some of the finished paintings

Next they made butterflies out of toilet roll tubes covered
in pretty paper. The same paper was used for the wings and
sequins, beads were used to decorate.
Pipe cleaners and pom poms
were used for antennas.
Zainabs butterfly is the one on the left with
the pointy wings.



We hope you have enjoyed looking at the projects.



Sunday, 10 March 2013

Art Club (part 3)

This week the theme was SPRINGTIME, so that means flowers.
The girls made paper plate flowers. They painted them, decorated them,
snipped the petals, made the stems using either straw, wool or pipe cleaners
and finished off making a vase. Everything was stuck onto a background
which were polystyrene sheets painted in whatever colour they liked.
Enjoy the lovely designs!

We had a template cut out of the vase. It was traced around onto
some drawing paper. Then the girls cut around the shape and
glue patterned paper to it.

Cutting around the plates to make the petals.

Laying out the pieces was the fun part!
Zainab's work
animated arrow photo: ARROW Arrow_red_down.gif

 Finished work


~* Pretty flowers in the Art room.*~




Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Zainab's Recycled Fruity Tree

Zainab has been collecting metal bottle tops and corks for a very long time.
So she decided to use them to do a recycling art project. You will need
the help of an adult for cutting the corks because they are difficult
to cut through.
Canvas Board
Metal bottle tops
(or plastic ones if you like but
metal ones look nicer and shiny),
Strong glue
 (we used a hot glue gun
but you will need an adult to help you)
First of all Zainab arranged the cork pieces onto the plain
canvas, you could paint the canvas first if you like. She made the trunk,
from the corks which were cut in half. This makes them easy to stick.
Then the corks were cut into circles for the branches.
After placing the tree trunk and branches down, she
arranged the different coloured bottle tops around the tree.
Each colour is a fruit, the light green ones are green apples,
the blue ones are blueberries, the red ones are cherries and
the dark green ones are the leaves.
Once everything was in place the pieces were hot glued to the canvas.
Hope you like the Fruity Tree!
 The birds were circular cork pieces cut in half.
The corks were also cut into strips for some
of the fruit that are hanging from the tree
and for the ones that have fallen onto the golden ground.