Saturday, 12 August 2017

Our holiday in Wales

Assalamu Alaikum! Greetings everyone!
(MashAllah) we were very happy and grateful when finding out that we would spend sometime in Wales. We've been to Wales once before on a canal boat, a couple of years ago. This time (MashAllah) we spent our holiday in a cottage, in the countryside.
(Alhamdulillah) the place was very private and the garden was full of flowers and large green bushes.  
There was this beautiful cat staying in one of the barns next to the cottage. We named her Mittens and her sister, who was a reflection of her, we named Sock.
(MashAllah) inside the cottage, the rooms were pretty and spacious.
(MashAllah) we had a wonderful time, enjoying the cool rainy weather as we went for walks almost everyday, up the hill of lush green grass and fluffy white sheep.
(MashAllah) it was a great holiday and we are so grateful to have gone. We can't wait for the next Summer Holidays.
~ Maryam ~     

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Handmade journal cover (Altered Book)

Assalamu Alaikum, Maryam here again.

I've decided to make myself a journal to record the best and interesting parts of our holiday. I have used an old book of mine and removed the original pages from the spine.

I then went ahead and decided on what beautiful patterned paper I would use to design the cover.

I ended up with an earthy background and then decided to do a woodland collage with greens and browns.    

This is how it turned out (MashAllah).

I then went in with a white pen and added some highlights and drew a few flowers.

I still felt like it wasn't completely done, so I added a little bit more to it, such as a bird, another tag, more highlighting and I stamped on the word TRAVEL.

Here is the final look. (Inshallah) I will continue to post more pictures of the pages I'll sew in and I may add a few buttons to the cover too.
See you again soon (Inshallah).

~ Maryam ~

Pictures from our holidays

Assalamu Alaikum everyone! Maryam here.

We spent our holiday in the UK visiting family and touring old castles and ships. While staying in the Midlands we visited Kenilworth Castle in Coventry.
We saw the arrowslits through which archers would fire their arrows, and climbed up narrow steps in dark towers to reach the top of incredible views.

It was quite a hot day so walking on hard cold stones through tunnels underground made the experience more interesting.

Here's a link to the castle:

Another great adventure was visiting the HMS Victory ship in Portsmouth. It was great fun working through the many decks, which took us a couple of hours to complete, and seeing the ways in which the people on board at the time would have lived when at sea.   

We learnt about the many jobs on board and that each person had a distinct role to play. Did you know the Victory had a crew of over 800 men?

(MashAllah) we are very grateful to have visited such interesting places and (inshallah) I will be back soon to share with you some pictures of our stay in Wales.

See you then! ~ Maryam ~    

Friday, 30 June 2017

Off on an adventure!

Assalaamu alaykum

Talk about wanderlust. WHAT IS IT    - A digital print with a stamp effect of a mountain range and a gold foil sun that reads Blessed are the curious,
The  are off on their holidays!

When they get back they'll post pictures of
their adventures! They'll also post pictures of
the handmade Eid gifts they made (and received)
this Eid ul Fitr insha'Allah!

Take care everyone!

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Eid Mubarak!
We hope you enjoy your days of Eid!

May Allah accept our fasting, worship and good deeds!

Monday, 29 May 2017


Assalaamu alaykum everyone!

We hope you have a Blessed Ramadan!


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Yummy creative cupcakes!

Assalaamu alaykum

Sumayyah and Zainab had fun decorating these cupcakes
for Sumayyah's class yesterday.

They used:
Chocolate muffins
Strawberry frosting
Gummy worms
Tiny candy balls


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Handmade Journal

Assalaamu alaykum

This is my very first handmade journal MashAllah.
It's cover is made from card and I used wrapping
paper on the inside and outside to make it look
nice. I used patterned ribbon on the edges.
I glued a ribbon on both sides so that I can
tie my journal.

To make a similar journal you will need the following material:

Thick Card
Thin Card
Pretty Tags
Patterned Card or Paper
Wrapping Paper
Embroidery Thread
And anything you think will make your journal nice!

To make your cover use thick card and fold it in half. Then get wrapping paper and wrap it around the cover and then on the inside.
If you want to add a ribbon to keep your journal closed, wait until after you have sewn all your journal's pages to the cover, you don't want your ribbon to be in the way.

Get a number of pages for your first section (known as signatures) in your journal and dot holes on them where you are going to poke a hole. Make sure the holes will be in roughly the same place as your holes on your cover.

If you want to tea dye your blank pages to make them look old and crumpled, then all you need to do is this:

Heat up your kettle like normal and when it is done pour it into a cup with
the tea bag in it.
Take out the tea bag (when it is still quite hot) and dab it all over your pages. When they are damp turn them over and do the other side.
If you are using thin printer paper then don't dab on them too much because
they will get too buckled. When both sides are quite damp, scrunch up the
pages lightly and then open them out and leave them to dry. It might take some time, but when they are done they would have turned a soft brown
and would look old and crimply.
If you want to do all your pages like this, or many of them then heat up your kettle and get a bowl and put one or two tea bags in. Pour the kettle water
into the bowl and soak all the pages your want in there, (be careful with the thin paper, don't leave it in for so long) make sure your pages don't stick together. Lie them flat separately on a table, then when one side is done then flip them over to dry the other side.

If you want to do coffee then do this:

Get your instant coffee and put it in your cup along with the hot water. Then get a paint brush and dip it in the cup and brush your papers with it. Once it is damp you can add more coffee to your paper to give it a nice, patchy effect. Using coffee makes the pages come out darker too, they also smell nice!

Your pages should be smaller than your cover, because when you add your pages into your book, they will stick out a little. If your pages are the same size as your cover they will poke out a lot.

Watch the YouTube videos below on how to sew your pages to your book. You can design your pages how you want to, you can stick embellishments in or things you brought back from a holiday and write down anything you want. 

Here are some pictures of my journal:

I made a small pocket on the side where I
can put something. Here I've slipped in a bookmark.

I stuck this pretty card inside for extra pages.

The graph paper was folded and glued on the
edges to make a pocket and glued onto one
of the pages to keep it stuck.

                                                    Two pockets.

My bookmark!

Here are the links I mentioned:

Hope you enjoy making your very own journal!