Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hole Punch Flipbooks!


How cool are these?!



Made by an artist named Scott Blake.
By punching different patterns that shift from page to page, he creates short animations that twist and rotate as you flip.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


Assalaamu alaykum

to all of you!
TaqabalAllahu minaa wa minkum!


Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 132 to 155

Day 132
 photo P6195915.jpg
Having some of these for Iftar!

Day 133
 photo P6205917.jpg
Where are Cata's paws?

Day 134
 photo P6215920.jpg
Found this baby dove in our garage.

Day 135
 photo P6225929.jpg
We've had these dried flowers up for ages by our bedroom door.

Day 136
 photo P6245931.jpg
Sumayyah made these origami tumbling butterflies.

Day 137
 photo P6245949.jpg
My Dad gave us two of these thick blank books
for us to draw in.

Day 138
 photo P6255951.jpg
Apple Crumble tonight!

Day 139
 photo P6265952.jpg
These Mynah birds annoy Cata everyday!

Day 140
 photo P6275953.jpg
Maryam made these delicious Chelsea Buns for Iftar today!

Day 141
 photo P6285960.jpg
A pretty rose scented candle.

Day 142
 photo P6295962.jpg
Cata's off to the vet today.

Day 143
 photo P6305976.jpg
I helped Mum make date biscuits today.

Day 144
 photo P7015978.jpg
Mum baked homemade bread rolls.

Day 145
 photo P7025982.jpg
Do you like The Lord of the Rings?

Day 146
Missed it!

Day 147
 photo P7045985.jpg
Hanifah made these Chocolate chip cookies.

Day 148
 photo P7055988.jpg
Dad bought these today. Yum!

Day 149
 photo P7065995.jpg
Apple Pie today! It was delicious!!

Day 150
Missed it!

Day 151
 photo P7085997.jpg
Cata's on our kitchen windowsill.

Day 152
 photo P7096017.jpg
Mum made these felt garlands for our bedroom.

Day 153
 photo P7106018.jpg
Sumayyah made this today to stick on our bedroom wall.

Day 154
 photo P7116063.jpg
Cute mushroom pens!

Day 155
 photo P7126071.jpg
Hanifah made this no bake chocolate cake.

ramadan graphics photo: islamic hadith_suhoor-1.png


Love Zainab