Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pictures we like

Assalaamu alaykum!
Here are some pictures we like.
Below is a photo of our Rooster. He isn't alive anymore
and we miss him a lot. He was always kind and nice natured.
Horses are beautiful!
This is a lovely painting of a farm.
A nice happy poster. Also there are no faces!
We LOVE reading!
A cool vintage car!
We like drawings like this. We like the details.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures too!



Sunday, 3 November 2013

Asma - an original handmade book

Assalaamu alaykum!
I made a handmade book for my little sister for Eid.
The story is about a girl named Asma
who lives with her family in the desert.
Take a look!

I used watercolour and acrylic paints for the pictures.

I would like to get a book published one day in the future
With love,



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A handmade gift for Eid!

Did you have a nice Ramadan and Eid?
The have been keeping
busy in Ramadan making handmade gifts for Eid.
The present which took us most of Ramadan to complete
was a home for a family of handmade rabbits for our
little sister Sumayyah who's 5 years old.
The different rooms were made from empty juice boxes.
So here are the pics. Enjoy!
Above is the front of the home.
 Below is the upstairs bedroom of Girl Bunny,
downstairs the bedroom of Boy Bunny.

The stairs.
 Close up of Boy Bunny's bedroom.

Close up of Girl Bunny's bedroom.

Mother and Father Bunny's bedroom.
 The way to the stairs.

Close up of parent's bedroom.
The quilt was made of different patterned fabric
cut into squares and glued onto a piece of felt.

Clothes hanging from pipe cleaner hangers.
Tiny books on the shelf. Cushions made from felt,
stuffed with stuffing then sewn up.

 One of the best rooms in the home is the homeschooling room.


Next to the homeschooling room is the dining room.
The dining room has a door which leads to the back rooms.
The back rooms are the kitchen and the sitting room.

Side view of the home.
Close up of kitchen.
 Both the oven and fridge door open.

Close up of the sitting room.
 Sister Bunny's embroidery that she like to do by the fireplace.
 Finally, here is The Bunny Family.
Father Bunny.
Mother and Baby Bunny.

Girl and Boy Bunny.

Here are photos of The Bunny Family in their home mashaAllah.
 Mother cooking, Boy Bunny peeping in. Mmmm, smells good!

Father reading.

Ssh...Baby sleeping.

Girl Bunny and BOY Bunny in the homeschooling room.
 Boy Bunny in his bedroom.
Our little sister really loves the gift. She plays with it everyday mashaAllah.
Hope you like it too!