Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 18 to 26

Assalaamu alaykum

Day 18

 photo P2234928_zpsbwkou3b2.jpg
This is a cute decoration of tiny garden and kitchen tools that we hang
on our wall. 

Day 19
 photo P2224923_zpshnzmkab2.jpg
Incense burning in the morning.

Day 20
 photo P2244953_zpsauqdloms.jpg
Sumayyah was practicing for her ICT test.

Day 21
 photo P2254959_zpshx10kz63.jpg
I took this photo of the moon.

Day 22
 photo P2264982_zps46ev9son.jpg
Here is a dinosaur sword that I made for a project.

Day 23
 photo P2275002_zpsikcwpjyy.jpg
Dad and Sumayyah were playing chess.

Day 24
 photo P2285021_zpsg3ycai9b.jpg
My mum bought this rose for Maryam's project.

Day 25

Forgot to take a photo!:-(

Day 26
 photo P3025065_zpsxaoqt41s.jpg
This is a felt garland which hangs from one of our lights.

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