Thursday, 4 August 2011

Zainab's Paper Lantern Tutorial

Assalaamu alaykum!
This is Zainab. I want to show you how to make Paper Lanterns.

These are what you need to have before you start.

1 A4 sheet of paper (any colour)
Sellotape (nicer if you use patterned tape)
Ruler (if you need it)
Stickers (flat ones not bumpy ones)

First cut a strip from the paper, from the width not the length,
this is going to be the handle.

Decorate the paper using your imagination, I drew stars, crescents and balls.
Decorate the handle aswell.

 Fold the paper in half like below.

Draw equal lines about 1 and a half inches apart.
Make sure you don't cut all the way to the end,
leave a space at the top, like about 1 and a half inches or two inches.

When that's done, open the page out and put corner to corner,
then sellotape the lantern from the top and bottom. I made the tape
go all the way around the top and bottom.

Next tape the handle to the lantern.

Then display it somewhere in your house.

Hope you enjoy making it.



yusra said...

Assalamu aleikum Crafty Lil'Muslimahs. Masha Allaah, keep up the good work! :) Ramadan Kariim!

Crafty Lil' Muslimahs said...

Wa alaykum assalaam sister yusra. Welcome to our blog and thanks for becoming our 1st member mashaAllah!

oldie goldie said...

this is so cute! mashaAllah!

Crafty Lil' Muslimahs said...

Dear oldie goldie, thanks so much!