Friday, 19 August 2011

A handmade hotel for little dolls

Hanifah here!
I'd like to show you our handmade hotel.
It is made out of two old shoeboxes stuck together.
We cut out a door and a window on one side. This is the door
and the hotel's sign.

This is the reception area. Our doll Lavender is signing in.
Her cousin Lily will join her soon.
The reception desk is made from an old wooden box.
The wallpaper is some nice origami paper you may recognise
from Maryam's bookmark post.
The door you can see is made from thin foam.

 The pencil she's holding is made from the end of
a toothpick I coloured.

After signing in Lavender and her cousin Lily are
unpacking and relaxing in their room.

The mini newspaper that Lily is reading can be
we managed to reduce the size before printing it out.

Here's a peep through the window.
The shelf is cardboard folded in half and stuck on
with sellotape.

Lavender, unpacking her stuff.
The suitcase is made from cardboard, I stuck it
together with a strong glue. The handle is also cardboard
again, stuck with glue.

Both girls are enjoying the room and having a nice chat.

 The side cabinets came from a wooden dolls house set.
The tiny flannel is actually a real flannel I cut up.

Here's the top and bottom of the hotel.
We hope to add more rooms at the back insha'Allah.
Please note, this is a 'girls only town' *hee hee*.
No males allowed!

Also, we don't usually buy dolls, but this time
we wanted to get small ones to fit inside our
town. Our mother managed to remove the eyes, to
make the image incomplete. We hope to make
abayas and scarves for them one day. 

Hope you like it! Soon we'll show you
a boutique we've almost completed. If you like this hotel,
you'll really like the shop insha'Allah.



oldie goldie said...

ohhh.. this is lovely! now i really must find a shoebox or two to make something with my kids. maybe i just get myself a new pair of shoes.. god excuse, isn't it?

Crafty Lil' Muslimahs said...

Assalaamu alaykum! I hope you can find a shoebox for your kids. It really was fun making it. Perhaps you can ask your family or friends if they have any spare shoeboxes around? Thank you for the comment. ~ Hanifah