Saturday, 12 August 2017

Our holiday in Wales

Assalamu Alaikum! Greetings everyone!
(MashAllah) we were very happy and grateful when finding out that we would spend sometime in Wales. We've been to Wales once before on a canal boat, a couple of years ago. This time (MashAllah) we spent our holiday in a cottage, in the countryside.
(Alhamdulillah) the place was very private and the garden was full of flowers and large green bushes.  
There was this beautiful cat staying in one of the barns next to the cottage. We named her Mittens and her sister, who was a reflection of her, we named Sock.
(MashAllah) inside the cottage, the rooms were pretty and spacious.
(MashAllah) we had a wonderful time, enjoying the cool rainy weather as we went for walks almost everyday, up the hill of lush green grass and fluffy white sheep.
(MashAllah) it was a great holiday and we are so grateful to have gone. We can't wait for the next Summer Holidays.
~ Maryam ~     


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