Thursday, 19 November 2015

Day 219 to 248

Assalaamu alaykum

Day 219
 photo P9146855.jpg

Mum's new dolls mashaAllah.

Day 220
 photo P9156856.jpg
Cata's curious eye.

Day 221
 photo P9166859.jpg
Mum made this when I was about 8.

Day 222

 photo P9176860.jpg
Beautiful notelets.

Day 223
 photo P9186864.jpg
Handmade frogs made out of tube of toilet rolls.
This was a project my big sister did
with Sumayyah mashaAllah.

Day 224
 photo P9206893.jpg
This is a project I am working on.

Day 225
 photo P9216905.jpg
Sumayyah made this bracelet for Maryam for Eid ul Adha.

Day 226
 photo P9226907.jpg
Cute flower hook.

Day 227
 photo P9236911.jpg
Sumayyah and me filled this balloon with water
and were throwing it against the wall, trying
our best to burst it, but it didn't happen until
Cata burst it with her claws!

Day 228
 photo P9246912.jpg
Eid henna.

Day 229
 photo P9256914.jpg
Eid decorations mashaAllah!
Paper chain made by Sumayyah and Mum.

Day 230
 photo P9266917.jpg
Cata enjoying Eid leftovers!

Day 231
 photo P9276921.jpg
One of my Mum's perfumes.

Day 232
 photo P9286930.jpg
Two snake bands I made for Maryam and Sumayyah.

Day 233
 photo P9296932.jpg
Another new dolly mashaAllah!

Day 234
 photo P9306934.jpg
Maryam made this Owl from loom bands for Sumayyah
for Eid.

Day 235
 photo PA016936.jpg
Cata's on the balcony. Look at her eyes mashaAllah!

Day 236
 photo PA036968.jpg
British tea! Yum!

Day 237
 photo PA036980.jpg
My new swim suit.

Day 238
 photo PA046985.jpg
Mum made me this Insect book when I was little

Day 239
 photo PA056987.jpg
One of Cata's sleeping positions!

Day 240
 photo PA066995.jpg
A mini lamp for Sumayyah for Eid.

Day 241
 photo PA077004.jpg
Cata on Sumayyah cardboard laptop!

Day 242
 photo PA087006.jpg
Dusty car on dusty table.

Day 243
 photo PA107008.jpg
Helped Mum make these raspberry filled biscuits.

Day 244
 photo PA107009.jpg
My Saturday School Islamic book mashaAllah.
We learn about Islam and play sports, it's fun!

Day 245
 photo PA117011.jpg
Rock buns!

Day 246
 photo PA127017.jpg
Drawn by me!

Day 247
 photo PA137024.jpg
Maryam's gift.

Day 248
 photo PA147026.jpg
A necklace I gave my eldest sister, mashaAllah.

More to come inshaAllah...

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