Sunday, 1 November 2015

Day 200 to 218

Assalaamu alaikum

Day 200
 photo P8266796.jpg
Yummy homemade oats biscuits!

Day 201
 photo P8276800.jpg
This is a handmade shoe house my Mum made for Sumayyah
for Eid. There is a family to live in there as well mashaAllah.

Day 202
 photo P8286804.jpg
Sumayyah and I chose these pretty glass stones from The Natural History
Museum in Portsmouth, UK.

Day 203
 photo P8296806.jpg
We enjoy playing Chinese Checkers.

Day 204
 photo P8306809.jpg
Mum made Chocolate Crunch today.

Day 205
 photo P8316812.jpg
I found these lovely stones by the side of a Loch in Scotland.

Day 206
    photo P9016813.jpg
A magnet we bought on our trip to Scotland.

Day 207 
 photo P9026815.jpg
My new school bag. Dad got it for Eid.

Day 208
 photo P9036817.jpg
A gift from my Arabic teacher.

Day 209
 photo P9046818.jpg
Cata in the shower!

Day 210
 photo P9056826.jpg
My big sister's new fountain pen.

Day 211
 photo P9066833.jpg
Sumayyah's new school bag.

Day 212
 photo P9076835.jpg
My brother bought this for my big sister for Eid.

Day 213
 photo P9086837.jpg
This is Sumayyah's wind up butterfly toy which she bought
from The Natural History Museum.

Day 214
 photo P9096838.jpg
Mum made this collage mashaAllah.

Day 215
 photo P9106839.jpg
Went swimming with Sumayyah this morning.

Day 216
 photo P9116845.jpg
Window markers.

Day 217
 photo P9126851.jpg
An imaginary bird I drew.

Day 218
 photo P9136852.jpg
A handmade book my sister Hanifah made for me.

More to come inshaAllah...

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