Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 178 to 187

Day 178
 photo P8046214.jpg
We are out and about in the UK.
We are off to a museum.

Day 179
 photo P8056218.jpg
A train track behind our Grandmother's house.

Day 180
 photo P8066221.jpg
Our cousins visited today and we did some crafts together.

Day 181
Transparent Cat animated GIF

Day 182
 photo P8086232.jpg
Russian nesting dolls.

Day 183
 photo P8096239.jpg
Nice clouds from the train.
Off to visit my other Grandmother now!

Day 184
 photo P8106241.jpg
Found this cute snail in my Grandmother's garden.

Day 185
 photo P8116244.jpg
Lovely smelling rose in front of the house.

Day 186
 photo P8126284.jpg
Visited a nature center.

Day 187
 photo P8136308.jpg
Firewood in my Grandmother's cellar.

Hope you are enjoying the pics!

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