Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 156 to 177

salaam photo: salam aalakom salamalikom.gif

We are back from our holidays!
We took lots of photos on our trip and will
post them soon inshaAllah. Now we will
continue with Zainab's 365 project!

Day 156
 photo P7136075.jpg
This is a very nice book about gnomes.

Day 157
 photo P7146087.jpg
I worked on a poster today about some of the things I'm
grateful for.

Day 158
 photo P7156091.jpg
I did this at school two years ago and it's up on our door.

Day 159
 photo P7166106.jpg
This is my Eid dress I will wear tomorrow inshaAllah.

Day 160
 photo P7176113.jpg
Eid Mubarak!
These are all our Eid gift bags!

Day 161
 photo P7186119.jpg
Cata's Eid gift!

Day 162
 photo P7196125.jpg
This is my Eid present from my mother.

Day 163
Missed a day!

Day 164
 photo P7216127.jpg
My Dad bought me this book for Eid.

Day 165
 photo P7226141.jpg
Cata's grumpy after her shave!

Day 166
 photo P7236143.jpg
Sumayyah's pretty fake flowers!

Day 167
 photo P7246144.jpg
My local library.

Day 168
 photo P7256149.jpg
I borrowed these 2 books from the library yesterday.

Day 169
 photo P7266158.jpg
I got this for Maryam for Eid.

Day 170
 photo P7276165.jpg
Maryam is reading this.

Day 171
 photo P7286170.jpg
Maryam's delicious date cake mashaAllah.

Day 172
 photo P7296186.jpg
Cata feels relaxed.

Day 173
 photo P7306190.jpg
Sumayyah painted this for my Dad as an Eid present.

Day 174
 photo P7316195.jpg
Our vintage looking clock.

Day 175
 photo P8016203.jpg
Packing for our trip!

Day 176
Missed it!

Day 177
 photo P8036209.jpg
This is my grandmother's pretty light shade.

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