Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ramadan Craft

 Assalaamu alaykum!

This is Sumayyah. I am 6 years old.
I made a Ramadan Craft with my mum.

 photo P7023807_zpse0ffee26.jpg

You will need:

Silver paper (sticky is better)
Foil shapes
wire or thread
something round to draw around
like a plate
Star shaped template or
star shaped cookie cutter
A toothpick

Here are the photos.

 photo P7023782_zps8115b99d.jpg

Draw around a round shape on a piece of cardboard.
Make a crescent shape out of it.

 photo P7023785_zps58f9c40f.jpg

Then draw around a star shape. I used a cookie cutter.

Cut out the shapes carefully with a scissors or ask a
grown up to help you.

 photo P7023786_zps6b990407.jpg

Now get your craft things ready.

 photo P7023787_zps35e9f3fe.jpg

Cover the shapes with silver paper.

 photo P7023791_zps30d1a138.jpg

Now choose some nice foil shapes and stick them to
both sides of your moon and star.

 photo P7023793_zpsd85aef25.jpg

Ask a grown up to pierce a hole in
the star and the moon with a toothpick.
Then using thread or thin wire, fix the star to
the moon. Then make another hole in the moon
for hanging it up.

Now hang it up and enjoy it.

 photo P7023805_zpsab0c75db.jpg

 photo P7023806_zps3ff1bc25.jpg


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