Monday, 18 March 2013

Art Club (part 4)

We had our last art class on Saturday. The group did 2
projects. The first was a painting with a sunset background
and silhouette foreground.
They used watery tempura paints for the sunset, thick
black paint for the foreground and black ink for
the branches which they made by blowing through a straw.
The giraffes and elephants were stamps. They had to make
sure they used alot of paint on the stamps so that
they came out well.
(Here's our mum's example below)
And here are the brilliant paintings the girls came up
with mashaAllah!

Painting the background


 Close up of some of the finished paintings

Next they made butterflies out of toilet roll tubes covered
in pretty paper. The same paper was used for the wings and
sequins, beads were used to decorate.
Pipe cleaners and pom poms
were used for antennas.
Zainabs butterfly is the one on the left with
the pointy wings.



We hope you have enjoyed looking at the projects.



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