Sunday, 10 March 2013

Art Club (part 3)

This week the theme was SPRINGTIME, so that means flowers.
The girls made paper plate flowers. They painted them, decorated them,
snipped the petals, made the stems using either straw, wool or pipe cleaners
and finished off making a vase. Everything was stuck onto a background
which were polystyrene sheets painted in whatever colour they liked.
Enjoy the lovely designs!

We had a template cut out of the vase. It was traced around onto
some drawing paper. Then the girls cut around the shape and
glue patterned paper to it.

Cutting around the plates to make the petals.

Laying out the pieces was the fun part!
Zainab's work
animated arrow photo: ARROW Arrow_red_down.gif

 Finished work


~* Pretty flowers in the Art room.*~




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