Monday, 22 September 2014

Our trip to South Wales, UK

This summer we visited South Wales in the UK.
We spent a week on a narrow boat, it was really nice.
We walked through woods, picked blackberries and
enjoyed the scenery, plants and animals.
We even visited an old castle.

Here are some photos. Enjoy!

 photo P8163877_zps93f7f969.jpg

 photo P8163879_zpsf6390f9a.jpg

 photo P8163881_zpsa9e31a26.jpg

 photo P8173915_zps9504dfcd.jpg

 photo P8173932_zpsb12546cb.jpg

 photo P8223993_zps848c0b2c.jpg

 photo P8224015_zps67f5d3eb.jpg

 photo P8224023_zps4148139b.jpg

 photo P8193951_zps9f5f6fd2.jpg

 photo P8193952_zps75d6770f.jpg

 photo P8193961_zps631a239a.jpg

 photo P8213991_zps54e824c3.jpg

Did you go somewhere nice for the summer?
Let us know!


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