Monday, 18 February 2013

Art Club

We've been busy assisting our mother at her Art and Crafts lessons.
It's been alot of fun. There are 11 girls altogether. Zainab is one of the members.
The ages of the girls are from 4 to 11.
Last week the children did a masking tape abstract painting on canvas.
What you do is, you tape over the canvas at different angles. The parts of the canvas which are showing are the parts you paint on. The girls also added glitter,but you can skip that part if you like. After the paint dries you remove the tape.It shows a very nice design afterwards.
 The masking tape is still on this canvas.
The masking tape is removed from this canvas. See how nice it looks?!

This girl decided to use her tape in one direction.
By a 10 years old girl.
By a 5 years old girl.
This week the girls used a heart template to draw around. They could
use it in different angles. They coloured it using either felt tips, pastels, crayons, what ever they wanted.  Afterwards they stuck down beads, pom poms, sequins etc.


Using pencil crayons.
The heart template which the girls used to make their designs.
It was cut out of a cereal box.
They also painted cat masks. They really enjoyed this project.
It was interesting to see the various designs they came up with.

This is Zainabs' mask..


All of them on show in the classroom.
We hope to share more next week inshaAllah.



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