Friday, 20 January 2012

Cereal box Car

Sorry for the delay, but alhamdulillah we are back!

We made a car for our dolls out of two small cereal boxes.
We glued them together, painted them, then the back box was cut enough so
a doll could fit inside and we left space for the boot. For the front part
of the car we left enough space for the bonnet and cut 3 sides
of the top of the box then flipped the piece upright so it
would be able to represent the window. We then cut out a middle
section of the flap and attached a piece of plastic for the glass.
If you look at the pics, you'll understand better. We took some pics
as we were making it up but they weren't very clear.

Hope you enjoy the car, it's actually really cool mashaAllah!

We made the tyres out of cardboard.

Checking out the boot.

The steering wheel is also cardboard.

Vroom, vroooooooom!!!!!



Umm Shu'aib said...

As Salaamu Aleikum

Masha ALlah so glad you girls are back! your dolls car is so good Masha Allah.

What did your dear mother use to remove the eyes? I got my daugther similar mini dolls but other then nail polish I don't know how to remove it :)

Crafty Lil' Muslimahs said...

Wa alaykum assalaam Umm Shu'aib,

JazakAllhu khairan for commenting.

Once our mum tried to paint the features with a skin toned acylic paint but it looked horrible, like the doll had a skin problem. So then she bought us some more and managed to scrape the eyes away with a wooden tool we use for plastercine. She wet the eyes a bit to make it easier. It did take a while to do it. Try using something like the tool to scrape them off inshaAllah. Our dolls are cheap so maybe the paint isn't so strong? But it still took time. Hope this helps!